Chicken on the Bone Decimated by the Coronavirus

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Chicken on the Bone is the band on Bourbon Street that has been bringing joy, laughter and love to the people of the world for a long time!

The virus has shut down the vibe of the French Quarter and has shut down Chicken on the Bone and shut down Bourbon Street.

After years of bringing the greatest entertainment to the people of the world, from world famous Bourbon Street, the world has shut down and we are out of work because of the coronavirus.

We all have people to take care of, and we have been cut off so quick from our livelihoods and not much time to prepare for this catastrophe.

Hopefully we can keep the band afloat until this catastrophe is over, and then be able to bring the joy back to the world.

There are six of us in the band and we were told that we would possibly be out of work for eight weeks. We are still asking for just a little something to get us through however long we’ll be out.

We thank you and appreciate anything you can do!