Charitable Concerts for People With Disabilities

Charitable Concerts
for Invalids, Pensioners and Veterans of Labor
from All Over Europe!

Hello friends, we are a creative team of the invalids – a family creative tandem “Retro”: Alexander Prokofiev 1962, singer-songwriter, artist-performer, in 1993 graduated from the Conservatory by specialty of orchestra conducting and mother – Raisa Prokofieva, 1937, she is a very talented poet and translator, writes lyrics to songs, ballads and romances, including to works written by her immediately in English and German.

Our family has a related relationship to the roots of the great composer Sergei Prokofiev. At present time we live in Hungary and are actively engaged in our charitable creative work for the elderly public from the whole Europe.

In our work union already during more than long 20 years we have been working on a creative Project of our entire creative life named as “Retro Songs and Romances in the Language of Foreign Listeners” in order to convey to the hearts of listeners all over the world all the extraordinary beauty and depth of the content of music-song culture of our fathers and grandfathers.
With our unique concert program we have repeatedly and very successfully performed in 10 international languages in front of European audiences, where our tandem “Retro” was accepted with great enthusiasm by the public from different countries!

A couple of years ago Raisa Nikolayaevna suddenly got very serious leg injury in the femoral neck. Within a few months after the trauma she could not get out of bed. Our future creative activity was in jeopardy!
Being a woman of very strong will, Raisa clenched her pain and weakness in her fist, literally, even while lying in bed, continued to write lyrics for our new songs, and we prepared our concert program – composed songs, self-produced music tracks, clips, and all it was primarily for the category of citizens who are most in need of our with you attention, it’s retirees, veterans of labour, the same as we are invalids.

Despite the fact that we ourselves are a family of people with disabilities, as well as on our illness and health problems, for the past many years we continue to engage in our charitable activities aimed especially at the elderly – we give a lot of concerts free of charge for this category of citizens, performing in front of the disadvantaged people in various rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, Veterans Homes, libraries and so on not only at home but also in many European countries. Due to her incredible superhuman efforts Raisa Prokofieva stands up and literally overcoming her pain is going to the concerts which absolutely are charitable!

Thus, due to the successful combination of our knowledge in the fields of music and Language, we bring into the world the good and light through the magical power of art and the fruits of our long and painstaking creativity for the benefit of other people!
Currently Raisa Prokofieva takes a long and not easy period of rehabilitation treatment after her injury, but yet at the same time she does not cease to engage in creative work for the benefit of the same persons with disabilities.

But you will agree, my friends, that in order to benefit other people and to do good for their benefit, we ourselves, in turn, also need to be healthy, strong, energetic and mobile!

1. First and foremost, we need to ensure a radical rehabilitation treatment of Raissa, but it is very difficult for us to do without outside sponsorship, as we are both disabled, and in addition, we do not have any other option of any financial income besides old-age and disability pensions. Therefore, we somehow still need to attract sponsors and raise funds in order to pay such considerable expense to do this!
2. For the development of the creativity also not small costs requires, we just do not alone overcome. The concerts, which we organize and conduct for the disabled and senior citizens, by themselves, as they say “by the lips alone,” are not implemented. It is necessary to buy not cheap musical instruments, expensive amplifying equipment, different accessories and many other things that also can not to pulled ourselves.
3. We are needed not small expenses, too, in order to record our new art songs in a studio, so we dream of our own mini-Records studio at home in order to be able to perform audio recordings more sparingly in order that then to present them to our pensioners in the form of gifts of the audio albums of our creative team.

We are thrilled with all our soul and heart and call upon you, my friends, to give us all possible warm assistance and thus to take part in our creative work together with us for the benefit of all unhappy persons with disabilities! We hope really so much you do not refuse us, and we will still be able to continue our charitable work for the benefit of all people living on our old good Planet!!!

Creative tandem “Retro” thanks warmly all of you for Your good and kind support and sponsorship absolutely in all sizes as much as possible!

We love all of You, dear brothers and sisters, so much forever!!!