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Help fund our ground-breaking innovation.  When you help us you can share in our success and feel that you helped not only a business but a seriously good cause as well.

We have found a wonderfully simple solution to a problem which has thwarted the progress of several promising clean energy technologies known as OTEC, SWAC and LTTD.  All of them use cold water taken from deep below the sea surface. If you help us, you really can contribute towards a development which may change the lives of millions for the better.  This would be achieved because the cost of electricity in the Caribbean and Pacific may decrease dramatically, there would be less pollution, more energy security, and economic stability. Drinking water would be cheaper as would building cooling.

We want to ask for your help.  You are welcome to share in our success.

You can find out who we are here –

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)
Sea water air conditioning (SWAC)
Low temperature thermal desalination (LTTD)

OTEC can provide clean energy 24-7 – with no fuel cost!
There are working systems around the world – OTEC is proven technology!
SWAC can provide low cost air conditioning as it uses cold water to cool buildings, with very little energy use. It is also proven.
LTTD can desalinate sea water using very little energy. It is popular on remote islands in India – It has a very low maintenance requirement and a low energy requirement.

We are supported by a UK professor and are in touch with some of the most experienced engineers in their field in the UK. You are welcome to check this. Together, we are confident in our basic research, our new technology and the implications. We are very excited.

OTEC can transform Caribbean and Pacific islands economies, dramatically. The cost of energy in the region may drop by 75%!

Along with the innovation OTEC can provide cheap clean energy to millions who presently pay up to 3 times UK prices for their energy.

The most important feature of our future is that our innovation makes it possible to offer low cost green energy on industrial scales like never before. You may need to visit our website to realise how.  Basically, the parts required are already mass produced, they are small and used all over the place already.  The cost of the parts is not only competitive they are the very same parts that are used by dirty fuel technologies. Since we have no fuel cost, we will naturally be able to replace fossil fuels.

Our technology is inevitably cheaper than dirty fuels, since we have no fuel cost but we use the same basic parts. Our innovation ensures that this is the case. The same is not true of traditional OTEC, LTTD, or SWAC.

We can have clean energy 24-7 with no fuel cost!
The parts are already mass produced!
No crazy investments required in factories and the like.
No waiting around for 20 years with little progress and endless articles on how rubbish the industry is.

At last !

The world will have base load clean energy with prices that our competitive with traditional sources of energy.

If you think this is great, please make a pledge!

What’s more?

We want you to participate in an experiment which could be the best thing you ever do not only for your bank balance but for the future of the world.

Where are we going to get funding from ?

Our second business idea is …

We’ve created a website and a lending model which will let everyday people invest in this green energy solution. As little as £5! You can make up to 32 times your investment on our website.

The lending model is cheeky, but low risk to us and generous in return. As time goes by we will lower how generous we are, but the risk will change too.   At the moment, lenders can make 32 times their investment. Interestingly, this is still a lower return than what we are offering investors.

In a way, this is what we are trying to bring to people’s attention. Why make such a song and dance about risk if we could borrow from the crowd? With your support, we can offer famously high returns, take a very low risk and sell no shares!

Bascically, we are planning to set aside a proportion of future profits made, by selling electricity or drinking water.

These profits will be paid to people who lend us money now.

Thanks to the internet etc.  This is so easy to offer!

We have all the right software ‘on tap’ to be able to offer this.  Website design is so simple these days.  Reciepts, proof of payment, payment transfer, trust, marketing etc.

We just need to spread the word about our offer and why we can offer it.

Any way you happen to feel about this, there is an option for you. Do you just care and want to help the environment? You can, by pledging or sharing.

Would you like to make some money? You can by visiting our website.

We hope to create a virtuous circle where people are feeling the reward of helping us, even benefiting financially and that this is making us more investable at the same time.   If you like this idea please make a pledge.

There is so much dirty fuel technology to replace, we could borrow £ billions from the public, it has never been easier due to social media and website technology. The crowd could compete with banks and VC firms and we could compete with Buy to let, ISA and bank interest. Our technology will be insured so future lenders would be taking normal risks.

If you think this is a good idea please make a pledge on gofundme.   Our site details, where you can lend us money or buy shares are at the bottom of the page.

BET-TER than BET – 365 !  – HAHA!

Come on you gamblers!   Save the world!

Thank you for reading – more details below.

Our innovation

We use, hoses, rather than a pipe, to deliver cold water, from the deep sea.
Traditionally pipes are used – the use of pipes, to date has failed to be economical.
We installed hoses very easily.

We use two hoses rather than one.
Our pump uses, a turbine and a pump joined by a shaft.
One hose transports water downwards which drives a turbine – the turbine drives a pump – the pump sucks in water- sending it up a second hose.
The great change with our invention is the small scale required for a low-cost system.
Traditionally, large scales are required, making OTEC a dis-interesting, high risk opportunity.

The pump we use is not electric – the pump sucks in water because it is driven by a turbine. Thus, it can work in deep water.
This, ‘system,’ is used all over, especially in mining and deep sea oil and gas.

We have £10k already pledged, £5k from a UK Professor!

Commercial scale hoses unravel like rope, and can be delivered in large quantities for a low cost. They are easy to transport.
We did not need more than a dinghy and good weather to be able to install 300 mm hoses. Pipes this size cost the intercontinental Bora Bora £5million!

When we get this pump made and working then we will be selling proven technology. If the buyer can see the pump is working, then it will be easier for them to decide to buy from us.

We plan to use the services of a pump and turbine design company to produce state of the art pump designs.

This company are happy to offer a refund on the design work. This project is low cost and low risk. If you like you can profit from it, financially or philanthropically.

Nothing that hasn’t been made before, we are not building anything new. The design work is everyday mainstream science, hence the refund.

What’s in it for you?

Green Philanthropy – if you are Pacific or Caribbean based, you will be helping us to work towards reducing the local energy costs and carbon footprint.
If you help us, you will hear about our development it in the news, and you can feel the excitement and feel great that you helped.

You can make money out of our success too if you visit our site.

Bill Gates has formed a company with a dozen or so famous billionaires, to invest in green energy.
They are interested in OTEC.
They want to see innovation and low cost research.

That’s exactly what we’re doing.

We are supported by a UK professor and several other very experienced engineers.

You can buy shares or lend us money here –