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Hi friends and family. I deiced to move to Texas to be closer to my kids and finish up school. I got my lease signed , registered for classes this semester and was ready to go. Then supreme inconvenience hit, every trailed i wanted to tow behind my car was rented out for the entire month of August.

Renting a trailer was the most cost effective way for me to move but with them all rented i was forced to use a Uhaul Box where I pack it and they ship it. The cost difference is 3x as much. I knew i was going to be tight but I hoped I could find some quick work or pawn somethings to make up the difference. To top this off my VA payment was halved due to a debt accrued over 2 years ago.

Upon arriving in Austin I discovered a nail in my tire, i was like this is a problem i can handle, I got the car up and went to take the lug nuts off to discover that they didn’t give me the proper wheel lock key to take them off with. Carmaxx is currently breaking off all my old lug nuts replacing them and I think fixing my tire for free, so I have that going for me . Suffice it to say this perfect storm of inconvenience as left me in Austin with no $$ a maxed out credit card I used for gas for my drive and no way to get my stuff from Uhaul when it arrives.

They promised me they wouldn’t sell my stuff i just need to stay in contact with them. My kids are super understanding why we can’t go out or why i can’t have them over and they know it’s temporary.

I am super embarrassed but to put my issues out here like this but I need a little help and as much as I wish i could handle this myself this is just outside my ability. I need $1500 to get my stuff from Uhaul, any help is greatly appreciated. if you don’t feel comfortable giving $$ I will take groceries or anything really rebuilding after the divorce I don’t have much.

If you have read this far, thank you. If can help, thank you. If you can’t help directly, it’s cool we are all just trying to get by, thank you

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