Chance To Be My Own Boss

I just lost my job that I had for 17 years working as a security officer. Back in 2015 I broke my lower right ankle and now have 2 screws in my tibia bone holding it together and I’m in pain 7 days a week.

Do to a lot of arthritis build up where the screws are I have a hard time walking which has now made my life miserable because I loved my job I’m so lost right now.

I do have one thing I am very good at and it’s working on the computer and I can sell.

I would love to be my own boss and it would help me out to work from home do to my injury that is a life time injury.

I would like to open my own Ebay store I know I can make it work and become financially stable plus it would take so much stress off my ankle and leg I mite even get some comfort and not be in so much pain.

I can do it please give me the chance to do good in life that’s all I need is just some money to get my Ebay store up and running and pay it forwarded to some one else. I have done the math and have looked up places to fill my store. 17 years and bam just like that man it hurts worst than my ankle right in the hart.