New BBQ Lab Trailer GoFundME Campaign

Looking to replace my vintage BBQ comp trailer with something newer. The roof and ceiling are shot in the old girl and she needs someone that needs a low budget trailer. I need a nicer trailer that I can get health department certified to serve food out of. Might need to go down and feed […]

Road to Miss Global GoFundME Campaign

Hey everyone! I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to compete in Miss Global 2018 taking place in the Philippines in February. I have been modeling regularly since 2014 and have been published both nationally and, as of this month, internationally. I’ve also been blessed to travel to places all around the US and a few […]

Help Ethan get to LA GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Today Ethan completed in the regional Acting & Modeling Talent Competition in Tampa FL. He did such as amazing job that he was invited to attend the National Modeling & Acting Talent competition in Los Angeles, California.  This is a huge honor as only 300 individuals from around the U.S. are selected to participate in […]

Prince Zakai Boccia GoFundME Viral CrowdFunding Exposure

I’m trying to raise money for my Dubai’s International Boccia Competitions for December 2018. Please assist me in getting my funds for this tournament please. Thanks My name is Fawad Ahmed Zakai. I was born disabled with Cerebral Palsy. I am an athlete with USA Boccia. I have been with USA Boccia Team since 2009. Through […]

National Ninja League Finals GoFundME Boost

GUESS WHO MADE IT TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! I finally made it but I cant do it with out you. Its Jayden, your favorite ninja from San Antonio. In case you haven’t heard I train at JumpFlipLand/Parkour Ninjas, in San Antonio, Tx with Coach Thomas Stillings “The Genie Ninja” from the show American Ninja Warrior. […]

Empowering the Impaired Instinctive Action Martial Arts (I AM) GoFundME Campaign

RICHMOND, VA – Instinctive Action Martial Arts (I AM) Is a nonprofit organization, specializing and dedicated to teaching the impaired and disabled. impaired and disabled individuals get attacked and bullied just like everyone else, we give them the equal opportunity to learn martial arts and have the ability to defend themselves, we as that you […]