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Hello to everyone…My name is Edward and asking for help is difficult to do for a lot of us, and for me personally, but I am willing to do almost anything to realize my dream of owing my own business.

I have spent a lot of years going from job to job and not really finding the right fit or any real contentment with the work I was doing. I then began to self medicate to cover the feelings I was having. This on many occasions just made it even more difficult.

I have finally come to a point in my life where I don’t want to live like that anymore. I stopped all the self medication, and it was like a light turned on, and life seemed a little easier. Everything became achievable at that point. My dreams and aspirations seemed reachable.

I am starting from ground zero here, but am convinced that I can do whatever I want if I willing to work at it. I can tell you that I will achieve this dream. of mine, and I would love to share this with anyone who wants to go along for the ride. Life doesn’t have to be over when you become middle aged. I am going to go for this. I don’t want any regrets anymore.

I have a great idea for a start up business, but don’t have the capital to get started. It’s a website that will help people find peace in their professional lives. The first of many ideas I would like to see come to be true. Many more details to come as I move forward with the business.

I will update daily, and take you on this journey with me. Any donation to help me in realizing my dream will go towards starting the business. Whatever that donation is no matter how small or large will mean to me that you believe I can do this. A vote of confidence which will mean so much to me as I move forward in my journey in life.

Thank you for believing in me, and my dream.

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