Cancer when your poor Dietmar Hockwallner GoFundMe Campaign

Cancer when your poor Dietmar Hockwallner GoFundMe Campaign

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As some of you know Anne has been diagnosed with breast cancer just over a month ago. She has started chemo and today is the first day of noticeable hair loss. Had a doctors appointment two days ago and heard that there appears to be a discrepancy between the first and second ultrasound , with the second showing that the tumor may be twice as big as first thought. Need an MRI but issues in getting it done due to previous procedure when a cap was inserted.

Anne is now no longer working, and will not be able to work for at least the next seven months. Prior to all this we had finally, after five years of struggle, gotten to a place where we were on top of all our debts and bills. We had even started to save for car registration and were looking to refinance to try to reduce our monthly payments.
Refinancing may no longer be an option, and at a time when Anne needs a lot of support I can’t provide it as without me working there is no money coming in.

We both have been working casually for several years and there is no such thing as paid leave. We don’t have savings, superannuation, life insurance , or next weeks Lotto numbers to fall back on.

The social isolation from COVID19 doesn’t impact us too much yet, as when you have no finances you don’t do much socialising anyway. We have prepped for this for years.

Food hampers are getting harder to get, and Anne needs to eat well.

I don’t know what else to do except to try this. Without getting out of, or reducing, our debt we can’t to the stage where we can do everything we can to relieve the stress and fight this stupid cancer.

My mum fought it for a long time, I need Anne to have the best chance of fighting it.

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