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Bring King Charles Home Hyperbaric GoFundMe Campaign

Bring King Charles Home/ Hyperbaric GoFundMe Campaign

On February first we had a beautiful day with our baby like everyday and especially on the weekend went to look at the birds and fishes at pet smart then when for breakfast and took a little ride. By the time we got home it was nap time like always he has been a perfect schedule since he was like 3 months and a half so we didn’t do nothing new our different from what we normally do but this time everything was different.

King woke up and something got his attention and he managed too open the door and went to the back where the pool is ( After I realized that he was trying to get his big Yellow balloon that got in the pool which we was playing with a day before) the only think I remember is hearing my husband screaming me running out of the room and jumping right behind him honestly I don’t even remember how I got him out if that pool. I remember just jumping and then put him on the couch trying to do CPR that I had no clue on what I was doing I start running in the neighborhood to find someone to help my baby who was lifeless.

The neighbors came to the house and help until paramedics got there. Took him to the hospital it took them 60min to bring him back first 30min on the way to the hospital then another 30 at the hospital. We had to transfer him from hospital so I could get the care he needed. It has been 28 days now. King suffered from an anoxic brain injury wish means that he will not be able to do nothing on his own for the rest of his life from walking to talking playing looking around ( Say the doctors ) now he is on a breathing vent end feeling tube. Next step is surgery for Trach and Gtube.

We have been looking around and found other parents that helped a lot with info about therapy like Stem Cells and Hyperbaric. He can’t undergo those yet until he is medically discharged that why we need to be ready by the time he is going home. His mom and dad and grandma has not left his side since the first day we are extremely sorry for asking you for some help. Something that the mother did not want to bother anyone with but she needs help even if she don’t want it.

Treatments are up to $20,000 for the Hyperbaric alone!! he will need 24hrs care and all the extra care
that comes with a disable child. Even if you just can give little bit every penny is welcome and we will be extremely great full for that. Thank you for taking the time to read this Nathalie and Demetrious Salley.

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