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Sometimes you don’t realize how quick a life can be taken away. My lil nephew was ripped away from a life of opportunity, growth, and unconditional love from everyone that knew him. This was due to negligence from irresponsible babysitters that left him swaddle in a blanket unsupervised. 40mins alone he managed to roll over and was suffocating, not being able to brake free. He didn’t deserve this, please shower him and his mother with support. This would mean the world to Braxton and his family.

(Veronica Carwile)
I lost the love of my life. 39 weeks it took me to create you. I was only gifted your presence for 6 months. I wouldn’t change a thing. I just wish I would have stayed home yesterday instead of leaving you with a babysitter. I love you more than I can explain. My son was left Monday with a babysitter while I went to work. She decided to swaddle him as she put him down for a nap. She closed the door behind her and left him for about 45 minutes. He rolled in his sleep as most 6 month olds do and since he was wrapped in a blanket he didn’t have the strength to get his arms out. Eventually becoming too tired fighting his blanket he gave up. He was found on his stomach and face down. In cardiac arrest. It took paramedics 45 minutes to gain a pulse. My heart breaks thinking how you were crying for help but nobody heard you. I’m sorry that I was not there to save you. I miss you so much. I love you and I’m so sorry. All I want is to hold you. Sleep with you. And to play with you. I hope I can see you soon. The happiest most handsome baby I have ever met. You are in my heart. In my soul. Forever. Until it is my turn to transcend into the clouds. I see your toys. Your clothes. Your spot on my bed. Your pillow. And I feel so empty inside. God damn I love you so much. Fuck. Why did this have to happen to us. Your love. Your smile. Your hugs. Kisses. Slobber. Completed me. If I have another he or she will never be a Braxton. Nobody can replace you. There’s so much I would change to how the day played out yesterday. But I am here. Alone with remnants of you in my home. Smelling your slobber pillow wishing I could just hear you cry one more time. I stayed with you from the moment you got to the hospital to when they transported you out. I will never stop loving you. Never stop missing you and never stop looking and listening for you. Sleeping alone without you is hard. We slept together in my bed. I don’t care if it’s frowned upon. You loved sleeping on me and I loved cuddling you. You made me complete. Look over me because I need your love. I want to give up. And lay it all down and walk away. I want to be with you. Braxton Somchai I love you deeper than the ocean 4/14