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Happy Holidays,

Welcome to my public service message to promote the National Domestic Violence Hotline number 800.799.SAFE and enjoy my trailer about what happens when evil killers turn you into the evil that you must kill?

I invite you to view a free trailer entitled BlackEyes and join me in my quest to create a series of webisodes for Amazon. Black Eyes was written in memory of my mom, who experienced domestic abuse in our home. At the end of each episode a public service message with Hotline#800-799-7322 will be provided to help women get the counseling that may help them break the cycle of abuse.
Go Ahead, Tap On Our Link below to see more info on BlackEyes… and PLEASE post this on your favorite Social Media platform. FaceBook, Twitter, Tim Tok etc. Covid-19 has caused an increase in Domestic Violence so please act now.

Best Regards,
allan tamshen