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Black&Blue and FeeDNeeD. FREE KickStarter IndieGOGo GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Launching of;

Black&Blue – Crowd Fun’D Crowd Support.

‘A Beneficial Community’ ‘In Portal’ and direct Benefitin’ System. Crowd Fun’D Crowd Support.
A Beneficial Community with Direct Benefits Exchange, Enlightened & Inspirational, Highly Interactive whilst Evolving.? Stand Alone, Ever Update Enabled

Placement with Purpose…

Good Cause Funding — Digeo Devices will be using online sales to fund the startup of an amazing new business called Black&Blue and FeeDNeeD… Crowd FunD’ Crowd Support. Aimed at The Elderly, Disabled, Unknown and Marginalised Artists and Writers as well as those who love them, Black&Blue will be of benefit to all involved.

FeeDNeeD, will be an integral part of Black&Blue. A service and site where those who need will connect with those who can give. Emergency relief and charitable outreach services will bring CrowDFunD’ Support to many…

Say a single mum needs food for her kids that night and other charities cant help, then she can log onto FeeDNeeD and find a caring Donor or another member to help for that night. An online shop or pizza or gift card purchase could be the difference between her and her children eating or not.

The service could extend to other items such as furniture and household items and clothes and toys etc..

FeeDNeeD is currently under construction.

FeeDNeeD will connect those who need with those who want to give. CrowDFunD’ Support and Emergency Relief, Charitable outreach.