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Welcome to our page, I really never wanted to resort to asking for money, but right now we do not have the additional funds to change my son to a private school. Currently he attends a public school with some rambunctious 7 year olds, him included.

I believe the classroom has become unmanageable and his education is being impacted. My son has come home to tell me that he has been kicked down, pushed, punched and had horrible comments yelled at him by the other students. At home he is a calm, gentle sensitive little man. He is an incredible athlete and we do our best to get him into the activities he requires to burn off some energy.

I have been encouraged to “get him tested” but when I look at my son I see a strong independent thinker who wants to question everything, just to grow his brain, not someone who requires medication. He is reading junior novels at the age of 7 at home and I just love listening to him read.

I believe the Montessori method  would give him a better chance at more self directed learning and I believe would allow him to grow as a person, instead of growing the anxiety about going to school and sleepless nights worrying about bullying.

I hope I gave you a robust enough description of our need, but if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.

I appreciate every dollar that is spent toward this and can’t tell you how much this will change the education needs for one very special boy.

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