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Maybe we don’t make you laugh like all these „bad day at work“ videos (and this might not be a very striking slogan, but it’s honest and beetree doesn’t expect you to do something ridiculous). We simply think that if you are on your phone because you are stuck in traffic and the radio plays the same song for the 3rd time today, and you need creative people for an event, a production or 123 other projects that you are thinking about (and you probably do that), then open the beetree app. One thing we can guarantee is that you get what you see. No masquerade.
If you can‘t find your candidate on our app, we are happy to personally help you to find the perfect match and pay for the initial booking. If in the meantime you are looking for some work yourself (this might be the case too), one simple click is enough to apply for a job. And if you are not feeling creative today simply select the perk above to plant a tree. We would be happy to do that for you too.

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