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Baby Vivian witness the gruesome murder off his mother in the united states of America and his fathers needs financial help to take him back to jamaica

Janice traveled to this country in October 2019 in the hopes of giving her son and herself a better life. Tragically on September 18th, just 11 months after arriving in Florida, her hopes and dreams came to an end. Her life was ended by the hands of the very man that had vowed to love her, cherish her, and provide this wonderful life for her and her 2 year old son Vivian.

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Unfortunately, her beloved son witnessed this tragedy unfold and has been left in limbo as his father tries to scrape together everything to bring him back home. For both of their sakes I plead for your help to raise the money for his father to take him home to Jamaica and provide for him the life his mother so desperately wanted.

Let’s carry out her final wishes and show her that she didn’t die in vain. All proceeds will go to her surviving 2 year old son Vivian.

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