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This baby has Erbs Palsey. We are trying to raise money for her nerve transfer operation for she turn a year old. She’s five months old now. May God bless! Prayers are needed too.

Hi, my name is Glory Shepherd.My daughter had her first baby on August 8, 2018 and we were all excited to meet the cutie pie. However, we were disappointed when we learned that the baby suffered an injury at birth called erbs palsy. This condition occurs when you have inadequate medical procedures during the delivery. My daughter had to go to the hospital to her labor induced because she was over her due date. She had to get two inductions because of a slow dilation. She told me around 9am, she was finally at 3 centimeters.

She went to sleep at about 9:30 and someone from the medical staff should have been checking about how she was doing, unfortunately they left her unattended until about 5:00pm that evening. Her heart rate was at 110-120 when she finally woke up. But, the damage had been done. Baby Ka’zian has Erb’s Palsy. I am 56 years old and I am a single mom of 2 children. I raised my son, Tyson Shepherd, age 28, whom I’m very proud of for being named Valedictorian at Therrell High School in Atlanta, Ga., and He received a full academic ride earning his Bachelor’s degree at The College of Holy Cross located in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Now then I  have my daughter, Palisha M. Jones. SHe is 21 years old and She graduated from South Atlanta  High in 2016 with Honors. I have been disabled since the 2000 and that’s why i’m so proud to let everyone know it was just the 3 of us. I  didn’t have any help from their father. I supposed to have a big family but I dont even know them and I had about few  cousins  on my mother’s side that I connected since I lived in Atlanta and  they adopted me as their sister. They always helped me. But now we are just realizing that we are looking at a lifetime debilitating situation. I did my research on the journey families have to endure trying to get the proper treatment for this condition.

I forgot to say Palisha is the mother of Baby Ka’zian. She also received the Hope Scholarship, right now she has to postpone for a while. She has been suffering with postpartum symptoms thinking it might have been her fault but I told her no, baby. We have been praying. She needs to get a nerve transplant and the right specialist. I am only on a fixed income and no family support . I’m not that popular., so my friends are limited that why I  started this GoFundMe. So I  just wanted to send a Challenge out to everyone that reads this and would share my campaign to just donate $1 or whatever the Lord put in your heart to donate and if anyone else needs help in the future l and my family will help with their campaign too.

So we are also looking for friends and other people so this can be the beginning of us adopting other people who dont know their family to be our extended family. At times like this People to support one another. My daughter and I  are going to get help from the  right sources to start a nonprofit organization emphasizing to young mothers to take precautions and alert awareness of trying to prevent this from happening as much. We will welcome anyone who would like to join us cause this is overwhelming right now not having the money to do what is necessary. I just want to say pray for us and share our link. Thank you May God Bless.  I just wanted to add Ka’zian Danielle Jones was Born at Atlanta Medical Center, Downtown, August 8, 2018.

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