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Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Racolta. I am a young homeschooler and Harvard Extension school student with a love for singing and opera! In the future, I want to be a professional opera performer/singer. I enjoy every moment on stage and singing my soul out every time; Singing and performing is what I want to do in life. For inspiration and guidance, I love Mikhail Svetlov, Anna Netrebko, Joyce DiDonato and Renee Fleming. I have been singing for years and I am working hard for my musical and vocal advancements. In the summer of 2017, there will be The Concert Festival Summer Tour of 2017 in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) and France (Paris).

For this event, I will have the opportunity to perform on major stages, go on educational excursions and take master classes in conservatories which I will apply to in the future! Of course I am trying to get a job, but because it is the music industry, it does not always pay well or enough for a large trip like the summer tour.

I want to be able to receive the best voice and musical education and have opportunities to perform on big stages like Bolshoi Theater and La Teatra Scala. However, to get that far, I need the experience and all the master classes and performance opportunities I can get so I can become more advanced as I prepare for conservatory study.

I live with my mother and my younger sister Polina (who was adopted from Russia). My mother already works very hard to support us both. She already works online for a website designer and for her own business. For her to take another job with a long commute would be a really negative impact on her health and for all of us as well. My sister Polina is sixteen years old. She loves drawing, art and traveling. She has wanted to go back to see her home country since she was ten. Without my family, I do not think I would be where I am today musically, theatrically and vocally. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for this whole trip alone.