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We received word late last night that family members on the Ashcroft reserve had lost their homes and all of their possessions to the wildfire currently raging there. These people do not have many worldly possessions and certainly do not have insurance or other means to recover what they have lost. Communications are  non-existent and we have received no further word of their plight.

All roads in the Ashcroft area are apparently closed and we can only hope that they have been able to somehow travel to Kamloops where the rescue center has been established. The financial cost of re-housing these people could be astronomical – immediate needs are the focus at this time.

My name is Peter Sowinski and I am a retired Psychiatric Nurse. My wife is a retired Social Worker and is also a registered member of the Ashcroft band. Many of her relatives lost their homes and all of their possessions in the fire. At this time it appears that they are staying at the rescue center in Kamloops.

The money that is being collected is intended to help the members of the Ashcroft Band to reestablish themselves.  We do not know at this time what the needs are and there is currently no need to be disbursing any of the funds. Once the situation has settled we intend to visit the Ashcroft Band to discuss how best the money can be used and the most appropriate way of dispensing it.

We are hoping to collect funds to provide assistance once people return to the reserve to begin rebuilding their lives.The need is going to be great and we appeal to people to help as they can to deal with this tragedy.


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