Arthie zayas

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Our Thanksgiving Blessing. Arthie’s new Journey This here is Arthie. 22 years old. Jollyest young man you can ever come across by. Life didn’t manage to kick him down easily… He was almost 18 years old when he got diagnosed with CKD. (Chronic Kidney Disease). He’d had it for a while,and was not aware of it. Developed for medical reasons. By the time he got the diagnosis, he was at Stage 4 border Stage 5 of the disease.( If you’re not familiar, the last level before loss of kidney function/dialysis.)…. With many prayers ,and love, and family as well as friends, almost 4 years later Arthie has received a transplant. Sent straight from heaven. Got the call ,Thanksgiving Eve, to prep him for Thanksgiving day. He is now in recovery, coming home soon, God willing. What bigger blessing than THAT?! Now, for this fund; 2 purposes. The aftercare of the transplant. From diets, to medicine, etc… and to grant my son a check on his bucket list for staying this strong even when he had to push through the day. May sound silly for a 22 year young man,but if you know Arthie,( Our gentle giant),you’d understand his obsession,), his wish is to visit Disney. It’s not a necessity but this kid is beyond deserving. Thanks for those can contribute even just in prayer. We appreciate you. ❤ -Mom