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After Witch Hunt

We have been dedicating our lives to the work with one of the most powerful healing and teacher plants: Ayahuasca

After spending years deep in the Amazon Jungle studying plant Medicine and learning from numerous traditional shamans we have been helping people to release pain, get healthy and create new lives in freedom and love.

We have been conducting Ayahuasca ceremonies for more than 15 years.

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In 2013 the German police raided our homes.

As you all know, this potent plant is criminalized in our Western world although it connects us with the source of life… or maybe even because of this.

During almost four years of investigation Anke was imprisoned three times, altogether 3 months, even before trial.  Both of us were not allowed to leave the country and we were exposed to indescribable pressure and harassment.

Anke finally got 2 years on probation and each of us has to pay a € 15.000,- fine in addition to the even higher costs for the lawyers.

Through this sacred medicine work  more and more people all over the world  experience healing and illumination of priceless value for themselves and for our planet.

People like us take a huge personal risk to bring this medicine to the Western world and make it available to a broader audience. We love this work so much.  Please support us to overcome the harsh consequences, to pay the bills and to rebuild our lives and our work in Peru.

Thanks to the ICEERS Organization for their relentless efforts not only in our case.

Thank you to the friends who have sticked to us unconditionally and thank you to each one of you for even reading this…

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