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Hello I’m needing some kindness to be able to help my mom , I’m doing what I can for her to help pay bills . I’m on disability. My mom is an 80 year women and she can’t pay her taxes on the house after her husband dies he was a legend when he was alive a lot of ham radio people knew him very well he is now considered a silent key AB7B1 is how they new him on radio 18 years at 7 o’clock every night .

However, my father just past away and now my mom is finding it hard to pay the bills an taxes on her house , the city is harassing her with calls and letters etc. An 80 year old women shouldn’t have to live her remaining life in fear of losing her home .
Or how she’s going to eat , I am asking anyone who could help the cause doesn’t matter how much or little , But I need to see what I can collect within the next few months to help her . This pic is my dads 93 RD Birthday party , his last he died 5 days after .

My father is a silent key Charles AB7B1 

So if you donate today may god bless you ! And a big THANK YOU would be in order , I’m going to try and surprise her for her birthday in August as she will be turning 81 , sincerely her daughter Anita .

City is harassing his wife for taxes and she struggles .



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