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My daughter Madison has never had it easy. She was born premature at 34 weeks. She was in the hospital for the first 4 months of her life. She has overcome many obstacles that doctors never thought she would. She was diagnosed with Autism about 2 years ago, but that has not stopped her achievements.
She will be graduating Kindergarten this year. She is nonverbal and has very little communication skills. She has a G-tube for feeds and is on a handful of medications. She is learning to walk better everyday and becoming very mobile.

Which is the reason i am starting this page. She is currently sleeping in an infant crib, which clearly at almost 6 years old is way to small for her. I recently starting searching for a Special Needs bed for her to transition to from the crib. I searched all over the internet to find the right bed that would best fit Madison’s needs.

When I came across the Keyser Betten Bed, it was perfect. It has all the features that Madison needs and that will keep her safe while being in bed. Being as these beds do not come cheap, we tried submitting it through insurance. I started the process with my insurance company this past November. and have been fighting with them every since.

The Insurance company has denied my request twice so far, stating that the bed is not medically necessary for Madison. I have gotten every piece of documentation possible from a letter of medical necessity from her pediatrician to letters from her therapists stating that this bed is what Madison needs. So this is why i am coming here to try to raise the money to get Madison the right bed she deserves.

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