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July 7,2017 Gizzy, my 5 yr old Persian began acting odd; trying to use her litter box , she went into it 17 times in a day, tinkling verylittle amounts , angry, hiding in dark corners of house, so off to the vet we went.
The first vet gave her a shot , a round of antibotics & Conequin yet she was still unwell … Second trip to the vet, this time x-rays, urine test& Gizzy ,who has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Asthma had to have a Cystoplasty to remove the cystine stones; sharp. piercing ,shards that were cutting her bladder .
On the 7/26 Gizmo under went the surgery, She is still healing… slowly.
It is humbling to ask for help but here I am trying to type out ( minus a spell check) totell her/ Gizzy’s story as it is happening.
The cost of surgery was$ 828.00 plus 2 vet trips $180. and $117. I have paid over $ 6,000 just for ER and major medical for Gizzy, finally, I am not able to keep up. I have charged up every credit card I have, taken out care credit as per suggestion of ER drs. Who want their money up front.
Giz is everything to me. Someone asked me,” When does it stop ,when do you stop doing all of this?”I said,” I can’t answer that question”, then recounted, and said, “I’ll stop when Gizzy is in obvious pain, I wont keep her going for my sake BUT she is not there yet.”
Gizzy is now over due for her 3rd echo cardiogram, which has cost in between $1200 and $798 in the past . The lower cost was with a cardiologist, so that’s where we need to go as soon as her primary vet clears her,( on stone removal surgery. )