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YouTuber Being Sued for Telling the Truth! GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

I have been a YouTube video creator, and a reborn doll artist and reborn doll collector since 2011. Both of these go hand in hand.

On my YouTube channel, I upload videos about the dolls I create, the dolls that join my collection, the dolls that leave my collection, and even events in my personal life. I have built a foundation over the years, where I have made friends in the USA and even worldwide! This connection with people, lead me to eventually join Facebook and Instagram with my art and my collectible dolls.

On my social medias, I like to share and spread awareness of things that captivate me. They don’t necessarily have to be sad. Sometimes, they are funny – like the post I shared on August 30th 2019 . Or, sometimes they are filled with love and hope – like the post I shared on August 29th, 2018 .

But, in early September, I received multiple messages that led me to learn about the Kingston polygamous group, or the “Order,” as it is known, and its alleged connection with the doll company, Bountiful Baby, I do most of my inventory shopping from. I was mortified.

I promptly did my own research. I, along with my wife, took time to read online articles, watch videos on YouTube, and even watch a couple of television show specials (‘Escaping Polygamy ‘ and ‘Whistleblower ‘).

It was devastating to read and see these shows. But, it became a calamity when I saw this footage in ‘Escaping Polygamy .’
“The Kingston group, known as ‘The Order,’ they have 100 plus businesses – all nationwide. Most of them here, in Salt Lake City. From vending machine companies, to garbage disposals, to pawn shops, to grocery stores, to gas stations. Basically, if you can think of a store, they probably have a hand in that business. And, everything is tied back to ‘The Order Bank.’ It’s estimated that the Kingston’s are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But, with Washakie Renewable Energy, it does bring it to the billion dollar mark.”

Source: Escaping Polygamy
Season 2 Episode 10

Starting minute 11:09
Ending minute 11:42

It was all very surreal and unbelievable. I made contact with this group: Hope After Polygamy . This organization was founded by an amazing group women that escaped the life of being an Order member.

After learning as much as I could, I knew that I could no longer support Bountiful Baby. Here’s some of what I learned through all my research:

· The “Kingston Group” or the “Order” is described as a secretive polygamous group

· Prominent members of the Order have gone to jail for abusing teenage girls

· Members who escaped have reported teenage girls being forced to marry older family members

· Four Kingstons pled guilty to a $500 million tax-fraud scheme

· “Escaping Polygamy” shows an image of Bountiful Baby while describing Kingston-owned companies

· And according to people who escaped the Kingstons, “Bountiful Baby is owned by Kingston members”

I decided that I needed to share this news with my fellow reborn collectors, artists, and enthusiasts. I felt like it was my responsibility to make people aware of where their money might be going to and what it might be funding.

Why did I feel like it was my responsibility to shed light on this? Because, I would have felt completely terrible if someone else found out about it later on – and, knew that I knew all along and never shared the information with anyone! I would feel dishonest and like I robbed my fellow reborn friends the chance to make that decision for themselves.

To see the history of what I’ve shared, you can go through my Facebook (which is public), my Facebook Page (which is public), and my Youtube channel (which is public as well).

But now I’m being sued by the owners of Bountiful Baby for sharing what I learned and shared about the Kingstons. They accuse me of “defamation,” or spreading lies. But we have never accused the owners of Bountiful Baby, Nevin and Denise Pratt, of abusing teenage girls or defrauding the government. That’s not our point! People who have escaped the Kingston polygamous group say that Bountiful Baby is owned by Kingston members. And, that’s enough for us not to support Bountiful Baby!

We have to stand up for what is right.

If we don’t, things will never change in this world.

I am reaching out for help to raise money to defend myself. I’ve been told a lawsuit like this could be hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. It feels like they want to break those who speak the truth and drain your money and make you eventually cave in to what they want.
Well, this will not happen here.

I will not ruin my REPUTATION over someone else’s skeletons in their closet.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.
And, thank you A MILLION for your donations.

With our most sincerest words,
Stephanie Ortiz & Jackie Ortiz