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Where Does Your News Go?

Your news is made available to be crawled by search engines and is sent to online websites, print media, journalists, television and radio affiliates, and bloggers. Each release on our website also includes the latest social media sharing tools that allow for stories to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.


Not only can your press release be found on major search engines; but we also send it to online news websites and authority sites for publication. This online exposure is important in reaching today’s audience who read news on their tablets and mobile devices while on the go.

Print Media

We send your news to print media outlets, including top newspapers and trade magazines such as the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and thousands of others. It is our job to distribute your press release to editors at these publications.


Our journalists come from our own opt-in members-only Media Desk and the Associated Press 3,000 member journalists worldwide. Your press release may just be the inspiration they are looking for as they search for news to cover!

Television and Radio

We send your news stories to television and radio affiliates located in various areas across the United States, Canada and Europe.


Blogging has grown so much in popularity that they now reach a wide array of followers with informal, brief, and regularly updated posts on the latest products, services, and news. By getting your press release in front of our member bloggers, you are tapping into readers who have faith in what they report on.

Consumers and Readers

Thanks to the popularity and prevalence of social media in today’s society, your news can reach consumers directly. Social media share tools are included with all releases published on our website.