We need to unite! This NEW app will do it!

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Hi, my name is Jason Mejia.

Honestly, I’ve been critically thinking about an app idea that’s not on the market right now.
The application will be a friend-finding app. Yes, I know it sounds insane due to a few other apps on the market, but they still don’t allow you to be yourself. I’m a person who uses apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. to find new friends. I don’t like them because you don’t get the chance to truly express who you are, they target the users’ appearance and general activities you do in common. This means they end up being in “fake” relationships (friend to marriage) because someone likes the things “they did” and not the things “they do” –daily lifestyle. But this app will change the way you socialize with others based on your lifestyle and persona –not looks. It may sound unnecessary to few because you would get out there and “shoot your shot” to meet new people. But the modern world doesn’t function like that anymore. People are more conservative (aka. insecure) with how others will view them and are afraid of them not like them for how they feel about certain situations or meet-ups, but end up forcing themselves to follow through plans to have “friends” even when it hurts them.
This will benefit any user by allowing them to be themselves and make the friends they looking for at a reduced time. You will no longer have to step out of your comfort zone and be humiliated for being yourself because people will be looking for you based on your personality.
The funds will be used to bring the application into the market sooner, which could take up to 6 months, but would like to reduce that timestamp to allow people to connect with those who right next door! All the support raised will not only be for the app but for every user who will be utilizing it–imagine how many people you will be helping! It would not be possible with your help, lets finally take action to unite people once and for all.

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