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Hello my name is Kiana, I am a girl of 20 years who work 20h week at Subway in Drummondville. I plan a trip with my sister in Europe but I will not have money to go there and really wish to go so I I’m looking for people who will be willing to help me realize my wish.I see my sister once a year and sometimes not because she lives near 4 hours away from me and none of us have a car.

When she me came up with the idea I thought I would not refuse the opportunity to do this trip, but after a few seconds, I realized that I could not afford that. I do not know how else to do it, so i am asking for help from people who are ready to help me , boyfriend and my sister money is only for the hotel and the plane ticket.I am the one on the left and my sister is on the right.

I Thank you so so much and thank you very much to the people who would help me to make this dream finally realized, we are also going There as a honey moins (me and m’y bf of 4 years ) .

For more information please send it to  for private question or anything