Trip to Antarctica to see if there is an ice wall

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We have been wondering one question. Is there a small city in Antarctica? The answer is very simple, probably. From what it looks like from satellite images and about 3 minutes of research online there seems to be some sort of civilization. So my partner and I (work not sexual) figured why not go check it out. Well it turns out it’s not simple and it’s expensive. We could use some help. On the way we will document everything we see and we will figure out what the locals in that small city cut off from civilization are like. It seems like Antartica is full of conspiracies and we will be the brave ones to spear head this truth seeking adventure. Is there an ice wall? Are the people in Antartica mutated versions of what humans are supposed to look like? Do they have extra fingers or other appendages? Probably not, but they may all really just be science nerds studying the snow. There is only one way to find out. So please join us on our adventure to find the truth.

PS: We are just two average Joes who may lose our jobs because we have no idea how long this will take. We are ready to make the sacrifices and calculated roughly 85% of the costs. Lets make this happen.