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Need Help Building Funds For A PC Gaming Setup

I currently have nothing to do since there is no school for a while and I can’t go outside for the time being, I’ve read all my books and YouTube(which I’ll probably get tired of) is the only source of entertainment that I have right now. So I’m trying to raise money to get another […]



Retro community, coding, computers & consoles, articles & game reviews on AMIGA BBC CPC C64 SPECTRUM MSX NES SMS ATARI ZXNEXT & more! Blast Annual 2020: Volume 1, is a new A4, print only, multi format retro gaming publication. Blast Annual 2020: Volume 1 has been created by the awesome retro gaming community for everyone […]

8-Bit Annual 2019 (Hardback) KickStarter ViralExposure Booster Campaign

8-Bit Annual 2019 celebrates new games for old hardware in an eye-dazzling 200+ page, full colour annual. After a successful Kickstarter for 8-Bit Annual 2018, we’re back, this time with even more reviews, interviews and unique feature articles. We will be reviewing hundreds of recently released games for popular 8-Bit systems such as the Commodore […]

Giant Squirrels vs Zombies: The Tabletop Board Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Giant Squirrels vs Zombies: The Tabletop Board Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, This New Board Game is a fun strategic squirrel maniac tabletop game in a twisted version of the Zombie Apocalypse with a modest $22,160 USD funding goal. STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Friday November 30, 2018 — Erik Löfgren and Magnus Backström today announced that Giant Squirrels vs Zombies Now Seeking Community […]

New Gaming/Streaming Computer GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

I am a small streamer currently streaming on a very shaky system of tech and would like a nice new computer to be able to stream and game for my living. If i can get this computer it would be life changing for both me and my family. Thanks to anyone who donates, it means […]

Ye Gamer’s Guild Inclusiveness Project ViralExposure.us GoFundME Booster

Ye Gamer’s Guild is a Game Club located in Indianapolis, Indiana that also uses gaming to bridge the social distance between various groups that have been marginalized to bring them together at the table. We offer outreach programs on bullying, teen and young adult suicide prevention, and inclusiveness of all peoples at the gaming table. […]

SeaJay StartUp Capital for #1 YouTube Channel GoFundME Campaign

  Hello. I am trying to raise money to buy equipment to start a YouTube channel. I believe I can make a enjoyable career in doing so and want to put out the best videos for the YouTube community. I am already working overtime at my current job putting close to 60 hours a week […]