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AI THE FUTURE (Product-Q1)

Artificial Intelligence is the leading role of the future. It is profoundly affecting everyone’s life , career and the society. As a revolutionary technology, the AI will bring benefits and convenience to the human life. At the same time,AI will replace some manual works ,kill or change several jobs and cause some people to lose […]

Artificial Intelligence for Art (Kickstarter) GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com EMWNews

Today, ArtID represents the best integrated solution in the art market for the complete management of all processes related to identification, certification, promotion, sales and logistics of any artwork in the World. Now we are working on a new great goal to be achieved by the end of the year: Integration of Artificial Intelligence into […]

AI Phone Gadgets – Work at the speed of Thought IndieGoGo ViralExposure.Co Campaign

Tier3D, a Silicon Valley company has launched an Indiegogo campaign with AI-powered gadgets, which enable highly personalized human-like certified professional resume machine intelligence. The campaign is available at http://bit.ly/t3dcampaign. Tier3D AI works like an intuitive extension of yourself, seamlessly helping you with the things you do. It can organize documents, do a deep search in […]