Support Journalists Impacted by Covid-19

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International Network for Nepali Journalists (INNJA)’s Appeal!

Due to the global spread of the corona epidemic, the Nepali media, like other sectors, has been directly affected. Preliminary reports have shown that more than 700 media outlets published and broadcast from Nepal are not fully operational due to Covid 19. The closure of media outlets and the decline in advertisements by the existing media outlets have led to the expulsion of journalists, forcing them to take paid leave and a reduction of more than 50 per cent in the salaries of working journalists, causing problems in the daily lives of around 2,000 journalists across the country.

One cannot ignore the fact that some small investment media outlets are directly in crisis due to the decline in the market and advertising, but it is certainly not an appropriate step to remove journalists from the crisis without finding alternative solutions.

It has also been felt that some of the long-running for-profit media outlets have used the epidemic as an opportunity to expel journalists and close their branches. According to preliminary statistics, about 2,000 journalists across Nepal and more than 500 in the Kathmandu Valley alone are in financial crisis, according to reports from journalism-related organizations.

It is a sad moment that the media has been shut down due to the epidemic or the daily life of journalists has been disrupted.

Journalists who are becoming the voice of the voiceless are now voiceless themselves. The Government of Nepal has so far not announced any short-term or long-term relief plans for journalists and other professionals in crisis. In a developing country like Nepal, the role of the media needs to be more effective in times of crisis. If the press is not strong, the balance of power in the country will not be maintained and the government will become chaotic on the one hand and democracy and all kinds of emancipation on the other. There is a possibility.

Therefore, we would like to inform that the International Network of Journalists (INJA) in collaboration with its partners is going to launch a short-term and long-term special campaign to solve the problem of livelihood of journalists in case of serious crisis.

Under this short-term campaign, Inja has started a fundraising account to raise funds. We strongly urge you to support Nepal’s communication, freedom of speech and democracy by supporting this GoFund account in times of crisis and lack of professional security for communicators and media personnel.

The money collected in this account will be provided directly to the troubled media and media personnel through a transparent and systematic medium. In addition to GoFund, Inja has also accepted personal or institutional support. Inja is also initiating cooperation with various donor agencies under the long-term campaign. A heartfelt appeal is made to Nepali journalists to take part in this campaign to alleviate the crisis and to inspire their affiliated organizations and dignitaries to help.

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