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Please Help Brianna Fight cancer for the 2nd time

In 2018, at 6 years old, Brianna was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in her left kidney. Brianna was treated with nine months of chemotherapy, seven days of radiation, and surgery to remove her kidney. She went into remission in 2019 and was doing well. Unfortunately, shortly after her port removal, scans showed 7 new tumors had appeared (one near her heart, five in her lungs, and one that reappeared in the spot where her kidney was removed in 2018).
Brianna is currently on more aggressive treatment for one year of chemotherapy. She also just completed 14 days of radiation and had surgery to remove the tumor where her kidney once was. Brianna compares herself to the brave and fierce Wonder Woman! She is known to say, “When Wonder Woman gets hurt and hits the ground, she gets back up and keeps fighting – just like ME with cancer!”
All funds will go to Brianna medical bills and help pay for a treatment her insurance don’t cover, let’s help Brianna fight this battle once again 💛