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Mother-of-two recently separated about to be going through a divorce given old truck that has penalties/fees on it due to title and registration having temp tag on it since April and it’s added up to over $400. Title of truck name has to be changed over plus pay the penalities that have acured since April due to soon to be Ex Husband not getting the permament tags and name title change simce April. He took the new car and gave me an 2001 old run down truck with ac that hardly works. My Daughter just started speech therapy this week and she has 2 sessions a week. I have very little money coming in and I am not getting any child support yet. My Cousin told me I should make this Gofundme to try to get help paying the penalities on it. I also have a Son who has monthly Dr appts for his ADHD. We live 15 miles out in the country so it takes a good running legal , vehicle. I cannot continue to be a burden using my parents and my sisters cars plus using their gas and their time. I am just a newly soon to be divorced Mother who chose her Children over her Husband and needs help. Sorry I have to ask people to help me with this issue. Just need a miracle.