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Knorr Venture Capital Group – Venture Capital Company seeks investors for a special chemistry investment

Knorr Venture Capital Group – Venture Capital Company seeks investors for a special chemistry investment



Knorr Venture Capital Group, Inc. was created on May 17th, 2000 in the US state of Oregon according to The Oregon Business Corporation Act as a Venture Capital Corporation. At that time it was still known as Mercury Financial Trading Corporation. Between 2000 and 2011 the Company used offices in Roseville, CA today Knorr Venture Capital group Inc. is running its business from the Cape Coral office in Florida. We are a Holding Company that´s investing our shareholders investments in small and medium large Companies. We are focused in: special chemistry, real estate, solar power, acrylic carbon fiber sheets.
Investment Objectives:

The investment objective of the VC Company is long-term capital growth through flexible investment policy in shares, fixed-interest securities and direct or indirect participation in small and medium-sized enterprises especially in the field of special chemicals producers and applicators, as well as real estate and properties. The obtainment of short-term yields is of secondary importance. We will raise with this campaign 1 mill US$ for Plasti-Chemie International GmbH a special chemistry Company that develop and produce acrylic resins in Germany.





Plasti Chemie North America LLC started its business to sell Plastifloor acrylic resins into the US market.


Plasti Chemie International GmbH started production of Plastifloor PUMMA hybrid resins in its facility in Plauen/Germany.


Knorr Venture Capital Deutschland GmbH bought the new business building in Neuensalz to support the future development of Plasti Chemie.

JUNE, 2013

Plasti Chemie International GmbH moved into the new factory in Neuensalz near A 72 highway. Thats 120000 ft² land and 12000 ft² building.

MARCH, 2014

Plasti-Chemie International started the production of acrylic resins in the new factory in Neuensalz and set up a new warehouse.

JUNE, 2014


DANMEDICS Medical Engineering GmbH installed more than 50 operation rooms with Plasti-Chemie Products in India
Harald Dannoritzermanager
Harald Dannoritzer


Volkmar Lull

Volkmar Lull

President Knorr Venture Capital Group Inc.

We own the Methylmetacrylate resin producer Plasti Chemie International GmbH, I have special Know How in this field of special chemistry since 25 years. Especially MMA based mortars and adhesives, PUMMA hybrid resins for road repairs, mortars and overlays, PU concrete and Epoxy resins for all kind of industries are made in the factory in Germany. We are producing also resins to produce Acrylic Carbon fiber sheets. The Plastifloor resins received the CE sign after they are approved by the TÜV in Germany and sold in many countries.