KeKe’s Wings

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Hi. My name is Kristi, (most ppl call me Kay) When my fiance lost his battle with cancer on Sept 3rd, 2020 it was so hard on me and my 9 year old daughter, Kendall(most ppl called her KeKe:) So, 3 days later, on Sunday Sept 6th, 2020,when her bff invited her to go swimming with her family, I said yes, thinking some time out of the house with friends would do her some good. 

Later that afternoon I got a call saying my daughter had drowned and they were doing CPR, but she was currently unresponsive. News Report After giving her very high amounts of Epinephrine, along with CPR, they were finally able to get a pulse but she was still unconscious. 

We were air-lifted to Blair Batson’s Children’s Hospital in Jackson, MS where she was put on life support. They told me her brain had gone without oxygen for too long and that she was brain-dead.  On Sept 8th, 2020 my baby girl was pronounced deceased, just 2 weeks after her 9th birthday.
KeKe Obituary
I donated her organs because I knew Keke would have wanted to help someone if she could.  She was just that kind of person. And I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself knowing i  could have kept a family from  feeling the pain that i was feeling, but didn’t. It felt, and still feels,  as though my heart was/is being ripped from my chest. In a matter of days I lost everything. Everything I lived for, everything that gave my life meaning and purpose was gone. 

Everyday since has been a struggle. A struggle just to get out of bed every day.  I didn’t have the strength to  try, nor the will to even live any more. When my baby died that day, it felt as though my soul died too. My only thoughts were OF death and my only prayers were FOR death. Without my baby, my life had no purpose, no meaning, no joy.

The more i thought about it, the more i started realizing  how selfish I was being. Since my daughter was born, I have lived for her. Now that she’s gone, it should be no different. She will always be the center of my world, and i will always live for her,  but I also want her to live on THROUGH me..her hopes, her dreams, and the things she wanted to accomplish in her life.

Even as a 9 year old there are some things that I know never would have changed and that’s her big heart and her love for animals.  Everything she had a passion for involved animals(she called em critters:).  When she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, it was always “I  want to open a No-kill/rescue shelter for homeless and mistreated critters.” Its what she wanted more than anything and I want to bring that dream of hers to life and make it reality.  

Since she passed on, there has been  no joy, no meaning, no happiness. Only bills…funeral bills, memorial costs,  Dr./hospital bills, and constant pain and emptiness. The only thing that brings me any kind of happiness is the thought of sharing my daughter and her passions with the world. Its what motivates me to get out of bed every morning. Its what makes me want to live another day. 

With all the bills I mentioned previously, and the costs of opening a rescue it’s not going to be easy, but I am determined and I will never give up on my baby or her dreams. I’m going to  get this done,  one Critter at a time:) If you can help me make her dream a reality, and not only help her live her dreams through me, but with your kindness and generosity,  live her dreams through you as well.

I will keep regular updates with detailed information on the progress and also on the distribution of any donations/contributions that are made. 

I cant wait to share my baby with the world and for all to see what an angel she really was; before she became the angel she is now PPL. If you aren’t able to help financially right now(which I know a lot of ppl arent) but would like to, PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE with everyone you know:) Thank you all!  God Bless!!