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Help Me Tell The World why My Love is One Matters!

When people found out GOD was secretly giving certain information about the cause of the erratic weather (climate change), the long term effects of racial bigotry, corona virus, and other historical events to a regular woman of color instead of a rabbi, pastor, or celebrity, they initially blew her off. But the truth prevailed.

The recent pandemic interrupted LeTicia Lee’s studio time narrating the inspirational audio book about her divine meetings entitled, My Love is One. The pandemic also impeded her meeting with a website designer to complete its corresponding website or do any public promotional work to tell others what they needed to know before the corona virus pandemic started.

In spite of everything, you made it here! We’re so glad. So let’s get started.

Here’s the Project Summary:

The book was released as quickly as possible and needs some minor but necessary corrections. LeTicia plans to complete the final updated edition of the My Love is One book, record the audio book, get an official website, secure tv ad placements, and do radio and podcast interviews to share the shocking long awaited hidden TRUTH contained in the My Love is One TELL THEM! documentary worldwide via social media and other media outlets with your help and God’s.

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