Help Jim Fight the “Code of Silence!”

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My name is Jim McCurry. I’m a husband and father. I am currently working to save my job as the Director of Security for a maximum security mental health facility. I have been an advocate for both the patients and my female staff members. A group of rouge security staff have engaged in misconduct against patients and their female coworkers. I have investigated, reported, and initiated disciplinary action against these rouge staff members for activity including abuse of patients, sexual harassment of female coworkers, and criminal acts including domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and soliciting sex from minors. These rouge employees are members of a union and that union has protected them, fought to keep their jobs, and worked hard to end my employment. The union has engaged in a campaign of harassment and retaliation against me for the past two years. Union members file false complaints against me, generate false reports against me, spread vicious rumors, and behave openly hostile towards me. Every report and complaint against me has been investigated and found to be false. My employer chose not to take corrective action against the employees for filing false reports because the union would aggressively defend them and claim retaliation. I expressed concern that sooner or later the union would prevail and I would lose my job. This is now happening as I have been placed on suspension pending discharge for yet another false report filed by the president of the local union.

I’m asking for help both to pay legal fees and pay my household bills while I fight for my job. More importantly, I will be able expose unethical behavior and defend others against harassment and retaliation by aggressively pursuing legal action. These rouge employees control the union and wield it like a hammer against any manager who dares oppose them or any union member who breaks their “code of silence.”

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