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Haunted Road Trip Needs Help Funding!

I realized I was terrified of the dark. I was going through some insomnia awhile back and had this extreme fear that something was in the dark and at any moment would appear to me. I always needed some kind of a light on and would try not to look into the dark either. At the same time, I was also on a medication that really was messing with my head and even caused me to shut down emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. After everything I built, was destroyed, I slowly started to wean off the medication, and improve aspects of my life. My biggest fear of the dark was something I knew I had to face. I went to my first haunt and was surprised at how exciting it was. I wasn’t scared at all. Well maybe a little. After that, I was hooked. It changed me and I started knocking down walls more and more in my life. Realizing the good it did for me, I started to invite others to explore the unknown, but at the same time get their fears into check. I started to make videos mostly for entertainment, but also to show people what it is like at these places, and how I choose to handle my fear of the dark. I have been traveling and exploring these places for some time now, but the expenses are starting to catch up with me. I want to be able to share with whoever is interested, the experiences you may have at these haunted locations, but more importantly, showcase these beautiful historical buildings to raise awareness to restore and protect these old properties.

Me and my team have been all around and started documenting the places just recently. We are in need of a new camera, and help with expenses while traveling to 3 of the 6 locations we have on our little tour. Any and all help would mean the world to us!


Thanks! Have a great day!