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Older disabled man in Meridian, MS area being forced from my family home due to gross negligence in our local government.

I’ve been in contact with our local tax office earlier this year and was assured I had until August 2020 to catch up on my back taxes. I actually have a letter from their office stating this in writing.

Then in June, they moved the due date up 1 year (to August 2019) and gave me just 2 months to come up with thousands of dollars. Hard to do for an old cripple living on a very tight budget.

I’m trying to raise money now to hire an attorney. I’ve spoken with one already and they believe I can save my home if I can afford to run the case through the courts.

PS: I’ve filled out as much of the info as I understand. I’m new to social. I only signed up a couple of months ago and really don’t understand it that well. Thank you.

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