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Family Members Jay and Dani Boothe lost there home this morning to a fire. There home was located in a remote part of Missouri with no fire fighting help available close by. Unfortunately they have no Home Insurance, and they have lost everything.

Robert and I want to give them the best Christmas ever by helping them start over.  With the blessing of giving, we can help them with loving hearts. Let’s pay it forward!!! Any amount will help they are homeless with a sweet grandchild they are raising.

What if each person who reads this could donate just one amount of an item that is a comfort pleasure, Starbucks, fast food, getting a hair cut. A tank full of gas. I’m sure you get the idea. I also know this will be read and discarded. It’s winter and it’s the time of year for giving. Please help share this story with your friends and their friends. To reach as many people as we can.

Crossing fingers and saying prayers that the GoFundMe organizers can even place this story on boards of investors we need to get them back into a home, clothes, furnishings to help them start over. I myself have donated to many GoFundMe campaigns of people I don’t even know. Just take one minute and put yourself in their shoes. I look at it like they need help just as much as the campaigns supporting the people of Mother Nature disasters.

This is a family of three my wish is that all the loving hearts help me reach the goal or even exceed it if possible. Please help with a donation and share their story!


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