Donate for urgent gum surgery

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Two month ago my friend’s husband was diagnosed with (Gen severe chronic periodontitis ) he is in a lot of pain, this problem affected his ability to eat, drink even to talk, the surgery is really urgent as he has the severe infection and the dentist recommended to do it as soon as possible and if he is not going to do it soon it might cause a lot of health complication , he is keeping postponing the surgery because of the cost, and he does not have the dental insurance that covers even a part of this cost, he has the initial estimation of the cost which is $13,000 plus, this is not including the cost of the deep cleaning and the cost of teeth extraction because he needs to do jawbones implants as was mentioned in the medical report
I am doing this fundraising on behalf of them after I took their permission, I know it’s hard time for so many people financially but please keep in mind every dollar counts and if you can not donate please share it.
Thank you