Car Break in Fund

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I am in the Marine Corps and i was given orders to Camp Pendleton, CA after finishing my current assignment. While traveling from Georgia to Camp Pendleton, California, i made a stop in Las Vegas, Nevada for the night. At some point in the night, my vehicle was broken into and my computers, my clothes, and all of my Marine Corps uniforms were stolen from me along with my rear window being shattered. For any of you that have purchased or know someone who has had to purchase uniforms, they don’t come cheap. I was able to grab one or two items that i would need ASAP, but the bigger, more expensive uniforms will take some time along with replacing my computers and fixing my window. I’m not asking for a large donation, but if any of you feel inclined to donate, i would be forever grateful. I’ve estimated that replacing everything will cost somewhere around $5000, but if i could get any help at all, even just half, it would make my life a lot easier moving forward. Thank you all so much.