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Young Widowed Criminal Domestic Violence and Cancer Survivor fights foreclosure with Wells Fargo and mortgage fraud to save her home as she is suffering from Severe Anxiety Depression and PTSD

Hi, my name is Angie, and I am calling on Angels.  I shamefully and humbly ask for your help dear Angels… The past 6 years of my life have taken a hard toll and have left me broken and despaired. It starts with my 1st bout of cancer 6 years ago. I had uterine and ovarian cancer. I had a hysterectomy and my cancer went into remission, however this did a great deal of damage to my psyche and destroyed me, leaving me unable to really function in the reality of life. Soon after, my husband, unable to cope with my severe depression and his own loss of his mother and brother left me and filed for a divorce… 

I scared and alone turned to a man I didn’t know who 6 months later put a gun to my head and held me and his 2 minor children hostage for 3 days threatening and attempting to kill us. He is currently being held in the Travis County Detention Center awaiting trial  he is looking at 40 years for  Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon. 

This adding PTSD to my already severe depression resulted in me having to ask my ex-husband to help me. Being the great man that he truly was he of course agreed and let me move back into the house that we had together in our marriage. He was working to help me get a disability attorney and a place to live for me and my little dogs.  The only thing that he asked of me was to watch over the house for 2 weeks while he went away for vacation. He died suddenly 2 days after he came back from vacation of a massive aneurysm that burst in his brain. Never having a chance to follow through with the help that I know he truly would have provided for me. 

Scared and completely alone I lived in our home for more than 6 months by myself begging any friend or relative that could to help me when I was contacted by what I believe to be an old friend who advised he wanted to help. He had heard that I once again have cancer and said that he didn’t want me to go through it alone. I let him move in and very shortly things went very very bad. He it turned out was a very selfish, violent and vengeful person. He took everything from my house, furniture, electronics, ECT., took all the money from my bank account he could, then he stalked and terrorized me for 3 months.  I was again alone and afraid. I asked a woman who I again believed was my friend and was also in need of help and a place to live to come and stay with me, so we could help each other. She it turned out was a Heroin Addict, who after 2 months began drugging me with sleeping meds in my foodand taking my bank card on SHOPPING sprees and drawing out money to pay for her addiction. When I realized what was going on it was too late. I asked her to move out. She angry about this stole my car and began taking money out of my account in small increments transferred to a pre-paid debit card that she had purchased from a store and linked to my checking account. The bank was able to recover some money but not most of it because it was reported to late me being sick, coping with the loss of my ex-husband the trauma I had just endured with my prior roommate, plus coming to the realization that I again have cancer I wasn’t paying enough attention and she took everything. I have paid my mortgage struggling as much as I could’ but the bank has just Foreclosed on my home.

I have no real family to speak of there is no one to help me and I have 5 dogs, horrible credit due to the late mortgage and divorce, I have been unable to work due to the PTSD and severe depression, I have not been able to see a doctor to treat the issues so I do not qualify for disability and I have nowhere to go. I have been making money selling anything I can online, but it isn’t enough.  Please if you can…will you help me, please? I am simply trying to raise enough money to get back on my feet in a new home and car and to own them outright, and stop living in fear constantly. Thank you and God Bless you. 

**UPDATE I have been forced to sell my home to what turns out to be a ring of con artists who have stolen the home and placed it on the market with my name still on the mortgage they have not paid off. They have severed contact…The funds very few that they were that they gave me to move out of my home was then stolen by the man who presented a spot in his family and his home to lease for 2 years…

I desperately need your help and prayers… I know he says no more than we can bear but this burden so heavy I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to carry on like this.

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