Caddies Urgently In Need of Your Support

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Covid-19 Financial Assistance- To help us Pebble Beach Caddies cope with this Worldwide Pandemic. The crisis has Shut down the Caddie Program, putting Us Caddies Out of Work. With No Work, there’s No Pay. We are a Resort. No Private Members. There are over 200 Caddies throughout the 3 courses within Pebble Beach (above photo-18th hole tee box Spyglass Hill – Veteran Caddie George w/a Real Fighter!). We are Not employees of the Pebble Beach company. We are all Independent Contractors. We all await the unemployment benefits (what little there is for IC’s) but in the meantime we have no income. Most of us Caddies pay out of pocket for our medical & dental insurance (No Insurance coverage through Pebble). NOTE: The Earliest that We Caddies May be working- back on the grass, might be June 1st.