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BS Movies Roadshow IndieGoGo ViralExposure Booster Campaign

Brian and Shelly want to take their podcast on the road and share the fun and excitement of their live tapings with audiences outside the Phoenix metro area!

BS Movies want to take their show on the road!

Hey everybody!

Thanks for taking a minute to look at our campaign. We hope you’ll consider helping us out.

BS Movies is a podcast from Phoenix, Arizona. Our names are Brian and Shelly and we have been co-hosting the BS Movies podcast for a little over 2 years now. We met at a screening of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre put on by a mutual friend many years ago and instantly hit it off. We stood in the lobby talking about the film for at least a half an hour afterwards. After meeting up for movies several more times we came to the conclusion that maybe we should just record thoughts on lots of different movies and share them with everyone else. And so, the BS Movies podcast was born.

After a highly successful year of recording together the BS Movies podcast took a totally unintended turn into producing live events. We began hosting movie screenings at FilmBar Phoenix followed by a live podcast taping discussing the film. Our first live event was Friday, December 23, 2016, when we hosted a raucous midnight screening of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a big crowd that was clearly having as much fun as we were. We were immediately hooked!

We’ve since hosted more than a dozen live events in Phoenix over the last two years to standing room only crowds at various different venues. It has been a totally unexpected and wonderfully fulfilling experience. Now, we’d like to start sharing this with audiences outside of the Phoenix Metro area, to do this, we need your help!

The previous live events we have done have been largely a labor of love with other parties migrating the costs. We’ve never had to pay out of pocket to rent a venue, pay a distributor for the rights to a movie, or make sure there is insurance in case of some unforeseen incident. Everything has been done with handshakes and good fortune.

That isn’t exactly a business plan for expansion outside your local geographic area. Most venues are going to want signed contracts, which we totally understand. Thankfully, there is another great movie city close by with a perfect venue that has all the variables we need to have another successful live event.

We want to host a live screening at The Loft Cinema in Tucson, Arizona. The date will vary a bit depending on availability, but we are probably looking sometime in quarter 2 of 2019. We have factored in theater rental ($800), movies rights ($200-300), online and in person ticketing ($100) and insurance ($250) in our campaign goal. This also allows us to test the feasibility of doing this in other cities without the added expense of plane tickets and lodging. When we are done, we simply pack up our gear and drive two hours back home.

We have no doubt that this concept will travel well. If the Tucson screening is a success, our plan is to continue to expand to other locations across the United States. We have already started to do research on other West Coast locations for our potential options for a second road event. And since we would be taking the risk this time, a successful Tucson screening would fund our endeavors going forward. This is really just step one on our conquest for worldwide domination!

We want to give you value for your donation. We have all sorts of perks to provide. Would you like to attend an invitation only movie screening and podcast taping with us? Would you like a rad limited edition shirt proclaiming that you helped us get out of town? Have you ever wanted to pick the topic we talk about on the BS Movies podcast? Would you like to join us as a guest on the podcast to discuss whatever topic you would like? Have you ever wanted to see your name in light over our logo as the top billed star of the show? All of these things can be yours in return for your generosity.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road!