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Alisha’s War on Breast Cancer ViralExposure.us GoFundME Campaign

On September 20, 2017, Alisha went in for a routine mammogram that she had had many times due to family history. Just a few days later, she got a call to come in for additional images. no big deal right? Just routine. Needless to say after an ultrasound, biopsy and stereotactic biopsy, Alisha was officially […]

Cancer Cure Aurelio Ferreira Breast Cancer Support GoFundME CrowdFundingExposure.com

Hi my name is Aurelio Ferreira I am 25 years old. Four years ago the most important person in my life my mother past away due to breast cancer. I have a football team and it’s called Notorious Cure for the month of October for breast cancer. Our team decided to raise money for breast […]