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You never think that when you’re told how healthy you are, that anything bad would happen. However, I was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer. Thankfully it was caught early and my doctors are fantastic, but the medical bills have already started stacking up and it’s a bit overwhelming.

I dont usally asked for help – it’s not my thing. I learned this from my mother (the stubborness). That single woman worked 3 jobs and raised me into the person I am today, yet she is the most amazing person in the world.

But now, putting my pride aside, and scared out of my mind (and the pile of bills) a penny, a dollar, a positive thought, everything is appreciated.

And thankfully this has been caught at a treatable stage, Stage1. Your generocity will not go unnoticed and, when possible, will be paid forward.

This is even more alarming as there have been multiple cancer related deaths in my family including my Great Grandfather and Great Uncle, both on my maternal side. It seems like it prefers every generation.

All I want is to be cancer free…

Thank you for reading.


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