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Puppy For Mom and Dad

I’m currently seeking help in surprising my parents with a puppy we saw on Monday (5/25/20). See we even tried to negotiation and the breeder didn’t lower the price. So please help me do something big for my parents.

Please help This little Shiba Inu puppy GoFundMe Campaign Grace Do

Please help This little Shiba Inu puppy GoFundMe Campaign Grace Do

Kenji is a 7 months old Shiba Inu. I has gotten him through a friend who had given up on him because of the family issue. He is a sweetheart, playful puppy I have ever seen. When I brought him  for fully check up vaccination, he has been diagnosed with a severe SAS (Subvalvular aortic […]

Abused Puppy Critically in Need of Surgery GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com EMWNews

This sweet boy has endured so much trauma that it’s heartbreaking. He needs corrective bone and nerve surgery due to abuse. He’s such a loving baby, full of life that has just been treated so unfairly. It happened when he was just a few weeks old, but he is getting older and bigger, therefore harder […]

Gina’s Rally to get her Support Animal GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

I have been teaching at an inner city high school for the last 15 wonderful years.  Since I changed careers from software development to teaching, I took a major pay cut, but I found that giving and caring for my students was so, so much more rewarding than working with computers. I am now getting […]

Please Help with My Puppy Taylor’s Life GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

Taylor, our nearly six year old Rottweiler, was recently diagnosed with immune mediated hemolytic anemia.  When your dog has IMHA, it means his immune system destroys its own red blood cells. Her body still produces red blood cells in the bone marrow to replace the destroyed cells, but once they are released into circulation, the […]

Pet Nest, an amazing pet bed you will love!

Pet Nest, an amazing pet bed you will love!  Get it on KickStarter: http://bit.ly/Perch_Pet_Nest  Looking for a comfy spot for your cat or dog to rest. Introducing the Perch Pet Nest. The Perch Pet Nest is an elevated pet bed specifically designed for cats and dogs that makes lounging about more comfortable. Its ergonomic construction […]