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**This Go Fund Me page has been created to generate the funds required for Eve and her family to relocate from Wagga Wagga to Canberra. This move would provide Eve and her family access to the Medical facilities they desperately need without the frequent trips to Sydney for weeks at a time. Sydney is a 5hr drive from Wagga Wagga which is impossible for Eve, forcing the family to fly. This is rather costly and places a significant burden on their financial situation. The Canberra region has two schools capable of providing Eve with the medical support she needs as well as providing her with a safe learning environment

The money raised during this campaign will go towards:
· Preparing the families current house in Wagga Wagga for sale
· Finding a new home in Canberra and preparing it for Eve
· Covering the cost of relocating the family to Canberra

Please read Eve’s story – she is an incredible little girl, she and her family need our help because they cant do this on their own*