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Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/e1u3vo

As some of you may know my son is pursuing his dream and goals of becoming a successful music artist and national recording artist.

He eats, sleeps, breathes music. He has been recording his own music and engineering in or basement since he was 12.He just graduated class of 2017 and is strictly focusing on this instead of going off to college.

He is starting to get noticed for his music talents and efforts. His song Jungle gained over 13k plays in 24 hours.
He is an exceptional writer and lyricist.

This money will be used for studio time to put out a high quality production, the pressing process, to get hard copies of these cds straight to your hands and into your cd players! Digital uploads to your favorite music websites for downloads and- It will also be used to film the most excellent of excellent music videos!

Support for this project would mean the absolute world to me and W_Z_R_D “wizard”
We don’t expect it to just fall into his hands for free, that why I’m offering some perks in return for your investment!

So think of this as you purchasing a product that will help not only this young artist to create art but also the other musicians/ film makers/ photographers and graphic designers that I will be working with!

I’m asking all family, friends, and business’s to please donate to the cause and help him pursue his dream.

I have included his soundcloud link so you can listen to his music Any donation counts.

Please share. Thank you

instagram @wzrd_chooo


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